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Leadership is a Verb

Leadership is really a verb.

One of the strengths of R9 is “leadership”. Being a leader is not just described by our job descriptions or assigned to our Coordinating Council, R9 administration or Leadership Team. For all R9 staff, leadership is truly a verb. It is an action that motivates us to make a difference. It is an action that results in a positive impact for our staff, our students, our schools, our communities, our state educational systems, and for ourselves. R9 leadership is the process of intentionally deciding the impact you want to make and then actively striving to achieve that impact.

Leadership in R9 is powerful because it is individual and personal, and it is active. Each staff member accepts the responsibility and excitement of being a leader in their roles and circles of influence. Each staff member is supported in their leadership. Thus, leadership becomes a choice. Choose to lead with intention. Choose to reflect on your personal leadership and challenge yourself to be an R9 difference-maker. Choose to dream, to take risks, to support, to assist, to laugh, to accomplish, to connect, to positively impact. Choose to make your individual R9 leadership a verb.

By Cathy Jones-Parks