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Let it Go. Let it Go. Let it Go.

With the stress of these unusual times, I hear that song from Frozen in my head quite frequently. It’s just pretty challenging at times, trying to get things done in the way I am used to and have always done them when I don’t always have access to the tools/resources I used in the past. So, I am learning to let it go and relearn and rethink. In a previous blog, I referenced the importance of reflecting as leaders on what we are learning in these challenging times and documenting so that we can reflect back on them once we are back to standard operating procedure. One of those important reflection pieces is the “let it go” piece.

When we are forced to operate in different ways, we can learn a lot about what we do and why we do it. It is so easy to get entrenched in the “this is the way we have always done it” mentality. Thinking about the “why” and the “how” is important. Even more important is the productive reflection on whether what we are doing 1) is essential to our mission, and/or 2) efficiently being approached. Leaders, as you are forced to operate differently, take this opportunity to really look at how your work is being accomplished. Ask probing questions about why you do things the way you have historically done them. Are they institutionalized practices? Are they best practices? Are they efficient? Are they mandated through regulations? Are they meeting the needs of the organization? Or, are there different approaches you have learned through these times that might be worth continuing or investigating. Change is tough. These times are certainly unprecedented. But, as visionary leaders, we can also look at these times as a learning experience to better our organization. So, when you think “let it go”, also think “is this a learning opportunity?”  

By Cathy Jones Park