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Services Provided by REC’s in New Mexico

Each member of the NMRECA is similar but different. Services from each REC vary but may include some of or all of the services listed below. If you have questions about a REC in your area and the services available, I would encourage you to contact them and inquire. We are constantly adding services and modifying them as we move forward.

Regional Education Cooperative Services

The following are just some of the many services provided by REC’s in New Mexico: 

  • Bus Driver Training
  • Career Readiness and Work Study Programs
  • Charter Schools Support and Training
  • Child Find Activities
  • Coordinate School-Reform Initiatives for NMPED
  • Cooperative School Nurse Services
  • Related Services
  • Education Data Collection & Analysis
  • E Rate
  • Fiscal Agency and Business Management Services
  • Graduation/Dropout Prevention
  • Interactive Technology Training and Coaching
  • Lending Library: Instructional Materials and Equipment
  • Medicaid School-Based Health Services
  • Parent Training
  • Principal Mentoring
  • Professional Development
  • FERPA Training
  • School & District Strategic Planning
  • School-Based Health Clinics
  • Special Education Technical Assistance
  • Standards-Based/Data-Based Instructional Facilitation
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Character Education/Bullying
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Teacher Evaluation Training and Support
  • Teacher Mentoring • Technology Assistance and Maintenance
  • Dossier Consultants
  • Principals Pursuing Excellence (PPE)
  • Teachers Pursuing Excellence (TPE)
  • School Safety Support

By Bryan Dooley