Region 9 Education Cooperative

R9 Impact

Supporting the Efforts of Our Teachers


Remember what it was like 35 days ago? Routines were firm; prepare for work, drop kids off at school or daycare, gym time, pick up kids, cook dinner, do laundry, help with homework, and this repeats daily for the four or five day week for you, your students, and maybe your own children  Teachers…..what has changed?

Region 9 is Supporting the State Educator Quality with the Dossier Process


Are you working on your dossier? Do you need assistance? Join us for a 'Dossier Workshop' from the comfort of your home.

Math Adoption Days


On January 24 through 25, 2020 Region 9 hosted its first annual Math Adoption Days. Curriculum selection for school districts is an onerous and time consuming process. Our schools strive to ensure that the curriculum they select for their classrooms is valid, equitable, and valuable to everyone involved in the educational process.

KidWind Project


On January 28, 2020, Region 9 Education Cooperative hosted a KidWind teacher training! The event brought together twelve teachers from the outlining districts (Capitan, Carrizozo, Corona, and Hondo) as well as local community members. What is KidWind? KidWind is a supplemental classroom curriculum that provides interactive activities that provide a method for students fourth grade through 12th grade to learn more about renewable energy while, at the same time, activating students' math, science, and problem-solving skills.

Special Education Spring Director’s Academy


This upcoming month, Region 9 is impacting education all across the state. We will be facilitating the Special Education Spring Director’s Academy on March 2 and 3.

Teacher Cadets


Another Region 9 impact is the implementation of the 2nd CTE program for our Region 9 member schools. The Teacher Cadet program is making an impact in multiple ways.

The Dossier


Region 9 working under contract with the Educator Quality Bureau of PED is supporting a statewide initiative to improve the Dossier process.