Region 9 Education Cooperative


NMTEACH Year Four Training

Supporting Instructional Leadership: The Design and Art of Feedback

The following agenda will be used in year four regional training sessions in May, June, and July 2016. New administrators and administrators new to NM must also attend the two-day session for new administrators.

  • 11:30-12:15: Lunch provided onsite, demonstration of Frontline Platform, Q and A
  • 12:15-1:45: Afternoon session #1 - Crafting Post-Observation Feedback—Video Calibration (Gila Elementary), Eliminating Communication Blockers
  • 1:45-2:00: Afternoon break
  • 2:00-3:00: Afternoon session #2 - Crafting Post-Observation Feedback—Video Calibration (Gila High), Summarizing the Day’s Learning
  • 3:00-4:30: Certification Tests—Participants will view and score two videos. Each video will be approximately 20 minutes. Participants will be allowed to stay in the testing room after 4:30 they need additional time to complete the certification test. 

NMTEACH Year Four Training Description

We are excited to announce the upcoming NMTEACH year four training – Supporting Instructional Leadership: The Design and Art of Teacher Feedback.

This session is designed to provide opportunities for participants to share their effective practices and resources, mentor new leaders, and network. The session will address two frequently requested topics across the state: communication and teacher feedback. With this in mind, participants are encouraged to bring samples of resources that they have used to communicate campus goals and to provide support to teachers. Each session will have activities to support the sharing of strategies and a resource showcase wall to share effective practices. Year four NMTEACH training is an opportunity to celebrate successes and showcase the resources developed to use school data, set and execute campus priorities, and coach up teachers.

The first part of the day is a hands-on scenario with district and school data where experienced leaders will be asked to mentor a new leader. These data will also be used later in the day to build teacher feedback. The next part of the day is all about designing and delivering teacher feedback. We will do two calibration videos in the afternoon (with teacher feedback) and take the certification test.

As you may already know, Teachscape has been purchased by Frontline and will be replaced by Frontline’s Oasys System. The new system will be used for scoring the NMTEACH Domains and for uploading teacher artifacts. While more detailed training on the new platform will be provided by Frontline in the late summer and fall, we will be offering a 15 minute preview of the new platform before the training at 7:45 a.m. and again at lunch so you can get an idea of what the new system looks like and how it works.

To prepare for the one day training, we ask you to do two things:

  1. Please review the training pre-work assignment and related documents below. You will find a set of elementary data and a set of high school data. Please review either the elementary data packet or the high school data packet so that you will be prepared for the initial activities of the training.
  2. Please bring examples, hard copy or electronic, of resources that you use at the start of the school year to analyze data, set campus priorities, and communicate campus priorities to your teachers and school community and any resources you use to coach up teachers. We are asking that each participant bring at least one resource in hard copy format. These hard copy resources will be placed on the resource showcase wall, so please make sure that your name and contact information is provided as well. Please bring your elementary or high school data packet, either printed or an electronic copy, and a computer or tablet to the training as you will be completing your certification test at the end of the day. Extended time will be provided for the certification test if needed. 

NMTEACH Year 4 Training Pre-Work

You are an experienced administrator in the Gila Municipal School District. Your district has asked you to mentor one of two new administrators in district. One new administrator has been assigned to Gila High School, and the second has been assigned to Gila Elementary School.

The superintendent has directed the new administrators to review the school data and to create tools that will be used with their staff at the start of the school year. The superintendent has collected the initial assignment from both new administrators and has sent them to you for your review. The superintendent has asked you to review the submission for your assigned new administrator so that you can prepare for your first mentoring session with your mentee. 

The superintendent has asked you to help get the new administrator ready for the first day with his/her faculty and has asked that you bring any resources that you use at your school to share as examples. Your mentee has submitted the following documents in the school data packet:

  • A district and school summary
  • School report cards
  • NMTEACH score distribution by domain and component
  • A principal’s syllabus (incomplete)
  • A 5 whys analysis
  • A 90 day plan (incomplete)

Your mentee has not completed the documents that will be used with staff. Please focus your preparation on reviewing the data and adding suggestions and/or clarifications to the incomplete documents. Mentoring meeting planning sheets are on pages 2 and 3 of the data packets.