Nursing Forms for districts and parents

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Action & Medical Management Plans

Students with chronic/acute illness require medical orders to receive nursing and staff assistance to manage their illness during the school day. These documents are medical orders in the form of action plans, medical management plans or individual healthcare plans (IHP). Medical providers use action plans to communicate and inform parents/guardians, students, school nurses and district staff in how to care for students with special healthcare needs while at school.

Action plans provide

  • Medication authorization 
  • Permission to carry or administer medications (including those students allowed to self-administer)
  • Permission to share information with the school nurse and staff assisting your child regarding medical needs with your child’s healthcare provider

Action plans are required each school year and must be 

  • Signed and completed by your healthcare provider
  • Signed by the parent/guardian, then returned to school
  • Approved by the district health office and then signed by a school nurse

Medications at School

If possible, all medications should be given at home. If medications must be given during school hours, they shall be administered in compliance with the New Mexico Administrative Code, New Mexico Nursing Practice Act, and the New Mexico School Health manual standards. All medications administered at school require parent/guardian to provide appropriate and complete medication authorization form(s) signed by the parent/guardian and medical provider. For those students requiring adult supervision and assistance with administration, parents/guardians must provide medication authorization form(s), medication(s), and supplies related to the student’s individual action/care plans.

Please feel free to contact the district nurse for any questions or concerns.