Region 9 Education Cooperative

Message from the Executive Director

Your New Mexico RECs are proud to be co-members with REC #2 and Valerie Trujillo. This is a sketch of REC #2 and their vision for this school year.

The Northwest Regional Education Cooperative #2 (NWREC #2) aspires to be the premier provider of choice for comprehensive, specialized, and collaborative educational services for its member school districts with cost-effective solutions to current and emerging needs. As the director, I strongly believe that it is important to focus on effective teaching, standards-based assessments, progress monitoring, and continuous improvement efforts that focus on results. It is my belief that we increase student achievement through the analysis of student data and the assessment of our instructional practices. I have very high expectations of our students academically and behaviorally. Following the school code of conduct and displaying the virtues of honor, respect, and effort is important to maintain a safe, positive environment for optimal learning. It is also expected that parents be involved and supportive of their child's learning. We need to focus on the whole child. NWREC #2 exists to provide educational services to students, staff, and families of the member districts and communities. Areas of support include technical assistance in implementing federal and state statutes and regulations including but not limited to the individuals with Disabilities Education Act and accompanying regulations, professional development in response to identified needs and state licensure requirements, and continued support for member districts in meeting the Public Education Department’s requirements.

RECs in New Mexico
As we reach the end of the year, it’s important to take a look at the ideas and trends that shaped the initiatives we have been involved in. Education is experiencing a dynamic time of not only innovation but also calls for reform. Traditional methods are no longer sufficiently preparing students to meet their goals and develop the skills and knowledge needed in the workplace. Our continued efforts to make these improvements will have an impact on learning, both from the student experience perspective and that of staff and administrators planning new academic programs and support services.


Bryan Dooley
Executive Director
Region 9 Education Cooperative

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