Region 9 Education Cooperative

Message from the Executive Director

May is a time to reflect on the closing of the school year, and to look back and see where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. From then to now, here are just a few of the changes that have taken place at Region 9 that we can reflect on.


Region 9 moved into our new offices at 143 El Paso Road. Region 9 HR began "lunch and learn" (soon to become a staff favorite). We offered tech boot camp with both introductory and advanced levels. We offered a statewide STARS coordinator summer camp. We refocused on true colors and it became ingrained in the R9 culture. Region 9 grew with the addition of new staff.


We added the Lincoln County Juvenile Justice Board (LCJJB) program to our list of services. We implemented the first-ever R9 University Leadership Academy, with 12 R9 employees participating. We facilitated an all-district, all-staff event in January. We added the GenYES CTE program for our member schools. Region 9 grew again with the addition of new staff.


R9 Leadership Academy had 11 graduates. Our staff made a trip to Santa Fe to visit the legislature and tour the roundhouse. We added the teacher cadet CTE program and the wind tech program of study for our member schools. School-based health hired a physical health provider. We set an organizational goal to create an R9 campus. Region 9 grew again with the addition of new staff.


Region 9 employed over 120 people during the worst global pandemic in history—COVID-19. A large percentage of Region 9 staff received vaccines and our schools reopened. We added $250,000 of high-tech equipment to the wind tech program for our local students. We ran the first annual statewide R9 textbook adoption with great success. We continued providing high-quality services across the entire organization during the closure. Region 9 provided statewide tech-bits training.


Region 9 is now the fourth largest employer in Lincoln County. We are an economic development force, providing excellent services across our community. Region 9 puts local high school students on top of the wind tower at Mesalands Community College in Tucumcari.

Now it is May 2021—school this year is just about complete. When you look at our journey over the last few years, and in particular since March of 2020, you can be Region 9 proud.

May 21 will be our Region 9 end-of-year celebration. We will hold it virtually again this year, and we look forward to the possibilities of having all staff back in one area soon. Thank you all for a successful and productive year. We have a lot of celebrations loaded for the event. It will be short, fun, and a good celebration. Have a great summer!


        Bryan Dooley
        Executive Director
        Region 9 Education Cooperative

        Staff members pose together outside near water and trees