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Stop and Do Nothing

Sometimes the best leadership moments are to do nothing. In our day-to-day work, we make so many “need right now” decisions. That is part of the job when working in education and serving so many communities and programs. But, sometimes we are given situations where the best thing truly is to stop and do nothing. Not forever. But do nothing for the moment.

Nothing gives us a chance to breathe. It gives a chance to reflect on options and gain perspectives. Nothing lets us refill our energy and excitement for the important work we do. As we enter into this week of Thanksgiving, I would challenge everyone to do nothing for a brief period of time. Stop and enjoy the moment. Take a deep breath. Look at options and think about anything but the critical moments of work. Then, when you are ready and refreshed, move forward with action. Doing nothing, even if for the moment, is sometimes the wisest thing a leader does. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy and take your moments of “nothing”.

By Cathy Jones-Parks