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End of Year Resolutions

December is here and before we know it, we will be bringing in a new decade and year and making new resolutions. It’s always a time of year when I think about my personal goals and they are usually around what I am eating and how I am exercising. You know that time of year when you try to work off Thanksgiving eating and tell yourself you will not overeat during the holiday season. It’s that time of year when I ask myself how I am doing on my resolutions and goals. And, it is time to assess my progress and actions towards those goals. It’s a time of reflection and action.

It is also an important time for R9 staff to assess where they are with their own professional goals, program goals, and R9 goals. Programs are halfway through the year. We have a half a program year left to achieve our goals. During these next few weeks, take time to pull out your professional goals. How are you doing? Are the goals still purposeful? Do you need to adjust your goals? Do you need to recommit to your goals? Do your goals align with the mission of R9? Do you need support to achieve your goals? Do you need to visit with your immediate supervisor about your goals? Do you need to celebrate what you have achieved so far? What are the next steps you are going to commit to meet your goals?

Goals are not just a task that we do during our annual evaluations or when we meet as a program to identify what we want to accomplish during the year. Goals reflect what we value as an agency and how we support ourselves, students, families, schools, and communities. Goals reflect our professionalism and we are personally responsible for implementing the steps to achieve those goals. Don’t wait until spring. The time is now.

By Cathy Jones-Parks