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The Region 9 Fiscal Department

Region 9 employs the finest business/fiscal department staff. This department provides oversight of Region 9’s budgetary and financial transactions. Region 9 has many different financial sources, each source has unique fiscal guidelines that we work diligently to ensure we comply with. We take the utmost care to safeguard all of Region 9’s assets and funds used to acquire assets are spent in alignment with the appropriate funding source. We also ensure transactions are recorded and reported properly and accounts are reconciled monthly in accordance with fiscal requirements. Region 9 maintains a high level of accountability, and reports on a continual basis to individual programs, local partners, state and federal agencies. We are subject to the open audit act and are compliant with our annual audit. We also submit monthly financial statements to our governing board which is comprised of the superintendents of our seven-member districts.

By Carmen Spann, Business Manager