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Leadership vs. Management

“Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.” Steve Jobs

Regardless of opinions about Steve Jobs, his perspectives on leadership exemplify R9. R9 has always focused on building leaders and understood the importance of inspiring those within the organization to reach new heights and achieve beyond “just doing the job.” Key to that inspiration has been the ability to communicate. Leaders share their vision for each position and the organization as a whole. Managers tell us what to do. Leaders set high expectations for themselves and those within the organization and demonstrate those high standards through their written communications, verbal discussions, and in how they respond to others. Managers rely on meeting the standard. Leaders listen. They ask questions. They step back from discussions and discern what they are hearing. They are available and open to dialogue. Managers tell. Leaders dream and push us to take professional risks in our work. Leaders are far from stagnant and create an environment of synergy and movement. Managers push us through and down the same path.

Most important, R9 leaders believe in their people. They recognize the diversity of skills and strengths. They embrace the true colors of each person’s communication style and strengths. They value the differences. They lead. They celebrate. They move. They listen. They change. They communicate. They inspire. In a world where one can choose to be a manager or a leader, choose to dream the things you never even thought possible. Choose to support the people around you. Choose to be a leader.

By Cathy Jones Parks