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Upcoming Professional Development and Events for January 2020

Region 9 Educational Services provides a broad range of services and professional development in our member districts and across the state. See the information below for upcoming events and to see the impact of the month of November. 

Upcoming professional development and events for January 2020:

  • January 10 Related Services Meeting - Joanna Cosbey, Ph. D, OTR, Report Writing, and Triangulating Data.
  • January 22 and 23: Tech Bits - District staff are welcome to attend.
  • January 23 and 24: Math Adoption Materials. REC 9. Vendors are available. We will provide a confirmed list of vendors in attendance when we have it.
  • Professional Development provided in November:
State of NM 11/6/19 56 Specific Learning Disability-Dual Discrepancy ABQ Joanna Cosbey, PHD, and Dahn Freed 6
State of NM 11/7/19 75 Developmental Delay and SLI ABQ Joanna Cosbey, PHD, and Dahn Freed 6
Principal Network 11/7/19 3 Level 1 and 2 Interventions/SAT R9 Robyn Cook 2
R9 11/8/19 13 Role of Related Service Providers R9 Joanna Cosbey, Ph.D. OTR 4
R9 11/8/19 13 CPI Refresher R9 Ashlee McEwen, April Blackwell 4
REC 2 11/13-14/19 31 Mentee Training REC 2 Amanda O'Doherty/ Cleo Mow 16
R911/18/2019 20 Educational Services Staff Meeting R9 Dahn Freed, Megan Salaz, Alondra Jiminez, Shyla Erwin, Tech Bit trainers 4
R9 11/20/2019 4 Tech Bits - Google Drive R9Media April Blackwell 1