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Poco Windy #4 “‘Tis the Season” - Wind Energy Technical Training”

Going to class in a Career-Technology Education (CTE) program is a little different, well, a lot different than to a regular high school or college class. How? Well, for example, instructors tend to be industry-experienced. If it’s a wind energy class, experienced in the energy industry, whether it be wind, solar, nuclear, hydro, or oil and gas, since a good bit of the electrical technology and control technology is similar across industries. They’ve been there. Done that. In industry rather than at a university. Two, there is lots of hands-on instruction and practice. Lots. No doubt with some classroom book work or on-line learning. But you will spend lots of time with your hands-on tools and equipment. Three, safety in class/later on the job is a big deal, a very big deal. When one person slips up or forgets safety rules, other people in this business get hurt. You might too. CTE classes of all kinds focus a lot on safety. And four, recruiters will be talking to you about that first job, probably before you even finish your last class. Job in hand, you graduate and go immediately to work. Immediately. Making big bucks.

What about CTE is the same as a regular high school and college class? The expectation is that you go to class - every day, just like on a job. You have to exhibit good work habits. Clock in - clock out every day. Two, you still have to use some reading, writing, and math in class and later, on the job. There is some bookwork, like maintenance manuals. Three, you have a supervisor, like an instructor, who will give you directions. Every day. Directions you are expected to follow.

‘Tis the season’ to be thinking about signing up for exciting, high paying wind tech job training. Now. And by the way, Merry Christmas and Felix Navidad!

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By Dr. James Miller