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The 2020 legislative session is now over, and HB2 is waiting for the governor's signature. Funding for the New Mexico RECs was passed, the legislature went with the LFC recommendation of $1.1 million for the 10 RECs. We will see approximately a $6,000.00 increase for each REC. We worked hard as a collaborative body this past year to build marketing materials and relationships with other agencies and with our friends at the PED. This is the first increase in funding the RECs have received since 2006. We have a NMRECA meeting on March 11 and will be discussing our strategy starting in April to meet with LFC, LESC and key legislators in preparation for the next legislative session. New Mexico RECs. Serving Every Region, Every Student, Every Day.

The NMRECA is proud to support an upcoming event in May of 2020. The Western AESA Regional Summit will be held in Jackson, Wyoming. The Western Regional Summit will be on May 21 and 22. There will be up to 50 executive directors from six states (NM, CO, UT, WY, ND, MT) meeting to discuss their organizational frameworks - entrepreneurial activities and network to exchange best practices.

By Bryan Dooley