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Poco Windy #15. CTE: When Your Game Goes South

As this blog is being written, the New Mexico economy is headed south. Public and tribal schools, colleges of various types have been dismissed and may stay closed into the summer. Much career-technical education, (CTE) - the live, hands-on portion - has halted, mostly due to COVID 19. In New Mexico, the halt is also due to Saudi and Russian downward pressure on New Mexico (NM) oil and gas prices and the resulting NM economic slowdown.

The need for CTE however continues. Vehicles continue to operate and need to be maintained, the energy of various kinds produced, gathered and distributed, food grown, processed, and distributed. And the list goes on. Most of all, right now, people need to be cared for, particularly our most vulnerable - our elders and young children - by health care workers, many trained in CTE programs, working around the clock to prevent/test/treat COVID-19. While the rest of us try to “social distance,” these heroes are placing their lives on the line. For the most vulnerable among us; for all of us.

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Phenomenon such as the COVID-19 pandemic, unknown in most of our lifetimes, may remind us of the critical importance of CTE. Such CTE topics as the use of personal protective clothing (PPE), safety training, and proper use of workplace supplies and equipment. All the hallmarks of a well-run, well-managed CTE program. And this week, it may also remind us of the renewed importance of soft skill training, of skills such as character and integrity.

Character. Moral character. Defined as an assembly of stable qualities such as empathy, courage, fortitude, and patience, among others. All qualities needed and found fortunately in many healthcare workers. Qualities of great value in other CTE  occupations such as wind energy and cybersecurity.

Integrity. The practice of being honest. Showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to honesty, truthfulness, and accuracy. Tough to teach for CTE instructors but very important to industry recruiters including in wind energy.

It is the nature of crises that brings out the best in us. And the best among us. Courage. Empathy. Integrity. Soft skills that may have never been so important as now. We need to thank CTE trainers and the healthcare workers that will get us through this crisis.

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By James Miller