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This Too Shall Pass

This is such an interesting time in our history and certainly a first that I can remember in education with schools being closed for the remainder of this year. It brings to mind the words I have heard my mother say so many times, “This too shall pass.” It is how we as leaders respond now, during, and after that will mark for us how we pass through these challenges. 

I know the leaders at R9 are working diligently to respond to this ever-changing landscape and adjusting in a thoughtful and deliberate manner. I know they are remaining responsive to their staff, schools, and communities. I also know they are reaching new heights of learning, responsibility, and care. It’s because of this, because of the quality of people at R9, that I know R9 will be stronger. Changed, but always stronger.

Leaders, I think this is such an important time to be taking note of the challenges you have experienced during this time. What resources did you need that were immediately present? What were the challenges? What resources were missing? What worked with communication? What did not work? What did you learn? There will be a time down the road when you will come back together as a leadership team and have courageous and powerful conversations around these questions. You will have these conversations so that you are better prepared to respond in future situations. You will have these conversations because you are lifelong learners who seek to improve. You will have these conversations because you are quality leaders. So, be sure in the craziness of these times, to make notes now while the experiences are fresh, so that you can have meaningful conversations in the future.

Finally, thank you for all you do.

By Cathy Jones Parks