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Poco Windy #14: Two for the Record Books

New Mexico and the nation continue to struggle with the growing spread of the COVID-19, with falling oil/gas prices and mounting unemployment. The COVID-19 epidemic now appears headed for the national if not the world-wide record books. At the same time, fans from across the Country and Pop Rock music spectrums are mourning the recent death of ‘the Gambler,’ legendary singer Kenny Rogers. Houston-born, Rogers (by the way, a boyhood friend/neighbor of former Ruidoso Mayor Ray Alborn) grew up in public housing in an impoverished Houston neighborhood, one of eight children, his mother, a nurse assistant, and his father, a carpenter - a career-technical (CTE) working family.

What would an icon like Kenny Rogers now advise us to do in this current COVID-19 crisis? Would he tell us, “when to hold ‘em or when to fold ‘em?” Or would he simply pitch in and help? According to accounts of Roger’s life, probably the latter. A little known side of Roger’s multi-talented career was his continued involvement in helping people. Helping the homeless. Helping children and disaster relief through the Red Cross. In the mid-80s, helping organize Hands Across America and “We are the World” - US Aid for Africa. Apparently a real people person, Rogers was a passionate photographer who also documented the heart and soul of country music, the people of country music. He was known as a generous and caring man, for never forgetting his roots - from a CTE working family. Also known as a mentor to fledgling musicians, Rogers apparently had the soft skills that contributed significantly to his musical, business, and non-profit success.

Kenny Rogers and CTE. Two American icons for the record books

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James Miller

By Dr. James Miller