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Your New Mexico Regional Education Cooperative Association (NM RECA), comprised of 10 members located throughout New Mexico, supports 68 districts (most of them rural), charter schools, and state-supported schools.

Services Provided by REC’s in New Mexico


Each member of the NMRECA is similar but different. Services from each REC vary but may include some of or all of the services listed below. If you have questions about a REC in your area and the services available, I would encourage you to contact them and inquire. We are constantly adding services and modifying them as we move forward.

NMRECA is Changing


NMRECA is changing, two of our Cooperatives will be experiencing leadership change. David Willden from REC 8 in Artesia will be retiring in August,

Perfectly Positioned to Serve Every Student Every Region Every Day


I received a comment from a long time New Mexico educator that has served in a broad variety of capacities and also across multiple districts in our state. We were discussing the impact in New Mexico on education from COVID-19 and the recent three-week closure of all NM Schools.

Public Education Department PED Liaison for NMRECA


The NMRECA is excited to have been appointed a Public Education Department PED liaison.

New Mexico Regional Educational Cooperatives News Bits


The 2020 legislative session is now over, and HB2 is waiting for the governor's signature.

54th Session of the New Mexico Legislature


The 54th session of the New Mexico Legislature has now officially come to a close. Region 9 proudly collaborates as a member of the NMRECA. Through this group, we have done a tremendous amount of work to market and build unity as an organization.

2020 New Mexico Legislature


The 2020 New Mexico Legislature was a 30 day session which occurs in even numbered years.

Member Collaboration


The New Mexico Regional Educational Cooperatives (NMRECA) is proud to collaborate with all ten of our members. The impact we have on a continual daily basis is impressive and in many ways influenced by our diverse backgrounds, respective educational experiences, and relationships. This is easily seen when you look at Dr. James Abreu from REC 4 in Las Vegas, NM.