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Poco Windy #18: CTE and STEM - Step into Another Story Part 1


There is a long and valued connection between CTE and STEM. Career-Technical Education and Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics. CTE instructors and students need to understand science and mathematical concepts to do their valuable jobs in our economy. 

Poco Windy #17: A CTE Instructor Career Part 2 - Step Back Into the Story


Step back into the story – the interview with long-time CTE instructor Mike Gaines. In addition to answering several career questions, the interview with Gaines also offers insightful suggestions regarding how CTE has changed over the years, and what is needed now in CTE. 

Poco Windy #16: A CTE Instructor Career Part 1 - Step into the Story


One of the very best parts of the continuing CTE story is the people involved, the instructors that work in CTE fields, training America’s workforce. It’s a story worth reading about, worth telling and retelling. How, in this particular case, a guy chose a CTE career as a Vocational Agriculture instructor in New Mexico instead of something else.

Poco Windy #14: Two for the Record Books


New Mexico and the nation continue to struggle with the growing spread of the COVID-19, with falling oil/gas prices and mounting unemployment.

Poco Windy #15. CTE: When Your Game Goes South


As this blog is being written, the New Mexico economy is headed south. Public and tribal schools, colleges of various types have been dismissed and may stay closed into the summer. 

Poco Windy #13 CTE Soft Skills: Wind Energy Applications


There has been much discussion over the past few years regarding the need for ‘soft skills’ in career-technical education (CTE).

Poco Windy #12 CTE: Who’s Working in New Mexico Wind Energy? The Scouting Report


2020 is expected to be a big year, a really big year, for wind energy development in New Mexico. 

Poco Windy # 10 Running into Things: Safety and Wind Energy CTE


The CTE landscape has certainly changed considerably over the last 40 years. One thing unchanged is a continuing concern for students, and ultimately, workers' safety. Safety is a BIG deal in pre-employment training by CTE instructors and later on the job, by industry project managers.

Poco Windy #11 “All the Gold in California”: New Mexico’s CTE Future


“All the gold in California is in a bank in Beverly Hills in somebody else’s name. It don’t matter where you’ve played before, California’s a brand-new game,” sang Country Music’s Gatlin Brothers from Abilene, Texas, one of many windy New Mexico neighbors to the east, near the heart of Texas wind energy country.

Poco Windy #9 CTE and Yazzie-Martinez Part 2: Possible Solutions


The 2020 New Mexico Legislature, now in session, continues to deal with the aftermath of the Yazzie-Martinez lawsuit decision rendered in 2018 by a New Mexico District Court.

Poco Windy #8 CTE and Yazzie Martinez, Part 1


Poco Windy #7 CTE: More Girls Needed


Career-technical Education (CTE) today is very different than your grandmother’s vocational education. Remember typing and home economics?

Poco Windy #6 “The Where, When, and How of NM CTE”


CTE. Where have we been? Where are we headed? Past. Present. Future.

NM CTE has been around for quite a while. Following WWII and 12 million GIs returning home to America mostly from overseas, rural schools started growing out of their one-room schoolhouse origins into modest sized campuses with multiple buildings, classes, and programs. Among the program growth was CTE.

Poco Windy #5 “Rural Population Trends: Wind Energy Jobs Impact on Rural Communities”


A rural New Mexico newspaper recently reported: “The San Jon Municipal Schools Board of Trustees (Board of Education) unanimously voted to reject a sports cooperative agreement with Grady and House” (neighboring school districts).

Poco Windy #4 “‘Tis the Season” - Wind Energy Technical Training”


Going to class in a Career-Technology Education (CTE) program is a little different, well, a lot different than to a regular high school or college class.

Poco Windy #3 “Being a Wind Turbine Technician: Under the Microscope”


Imagine this. You are in northern Lincoln County, or in Catron County, or maybe Eddy or Chavez County, and headed to your office to work. In a company truck. Except, your ‘office’ is more than 200 feet off the ground.

Poco Wind #2 “New Mexico Wind and CTE”


Picture yourself. 260 feet off the ground. Strapped in with safety harnesses. Working in the out-of-doors, with a GREAT view. Earning LOTs of money in your base paycheck, plus overtime, often plus per diem. Near or in central New Mexico. Working on 21st-century wind turbines.

Poco Windy #1 “Career-Technical-Education: Can it Make a Comeback in NM High Schools?”


Remember when luck starts to change and your sports team makes an unbelievable comeback? Incredible comebacks? Wildly impossible comebacks?? If you are a sports fan, memorable comebacks may come to mind.

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