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Poco Windy #9 CTE and Yazzie-Martinez Part 2: Possible Solutions


The 2020 New Mexico Legislature, now in session, continues to deal with the aftermath of the Yazzie-Martinez lawsuit decision rendered in 2018 by a New Mexico District Court.

Poco Windy #8 CTE and Yazzie Martinez, Part 1


Poco Windy #7 CTE: More Girls Needed


Career-technical Education (CTE) today is very different than your grandmother’s vocational education. Remember typing and home economics?

Poco Windy #6 “The Where, When, and How of NM CTE”


CTE. Where have we been? Where are we headed? Past. Present. Future.

NM CTE has been around for quite a while. Following WWII and 12 million GIs returning home to America mostly from overseas, rural schools started growing out of their one-room schoolhouse origins into modest sized campuses with multiple buildings, classes, and programs. Among the program growth was CTE.

Poco Windy #5 “Rural Population Trends: Wind Energy Jobs Impact on Rural Communities”


A rural New Mexico newspaper recently reported: “The San Jon Municipal Schools Board of Trustees (Board of Education) unanimously voted to reject a sports cooperative agreement with Grady and House” (neighboring school districts).

Poco Windy #4 “‘Tis the Season” - Wind Energy Technical Training”


Going to class in a Career-Technology Education (CTE) program is a little different, well, a lot different than to a regular high school or college class.

Poco Windy #3 “Being a Wind Turbine Technician: Under the Microscope”


Imagine this. You are in northern Lincoln County, or in Catron County, or maybe Eddy or Chavez County, and headed to your office to work. In a company truck. Except, your ‘office’ is more than 200 feet off the ground.

Poco Wind #2 “New Mexico Wind and CTE”


Picture yourself. 260 feet off the ground. Strapped in with safety harnesses. Working in the out-of-doors, with a GREAT view. Earning LOTs of money in your base paycheck, plus overtime, often plus per diem. Near or in central New Mexico. Working on 21st-century wind turbines.

Poco Windy #1 “Career-Technical-Education: Can it Make a Comeback in NM High Schools?”


Remember when luck starts to change and your sports team makes an unbelievable comeback? Incredible comebacks? Wildly impossible comebacks?? If you are a sports fan, memorable comebacks may come to mind.

ENMU Ruidoso Cyber Security Program


Region 9 is proud to support the ENMU Ruidoso Cyber Security program through their   Information Systems Department.